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NIST/DFARS Guided Maturity Level 3 Certification

$5,000 $19,999

The CMMC is a new Department of Defense (DoD) mandate that affects all federal DoD contractors. The self-attestation of NIST 800-171, NIST 800-52 and DFARS 252.204-7012 is not only complicated, but it has NOT been working so the DoD is unifying all the guidelines via CMMC and auditing contractors in this new "trust but verify" approach.

This new guideline now requires a CMMC 3rd Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO) to audit your cybersecurity policies, procedures and security controls. There are five Maturity Levels (ML) a contractor can achieve, and they build on top of each other – You can’t reach ML5 unless you also have ML3 practices and processes in place.

Being a federal contractor is complicated.  Besides seeing your clients and giving them the best goods and/or services possible, you also have the constant threat of CMMC audits, fees and penalties breathing down your neck; not to mention the shady hackers waiting to steal the government's Federal Contract Information (FCI) or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) at every turn. 

And while most contractors may not want to take on this beast that is CMMC compliance and securing your FCI and/or CUI, we understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all for CMMC compliance- which is why we offer CMMC Guided Maturity Level 3 Certification.

Maybe you have an experienced tech manager in your office who just needs a little guidance, or perhaps you yourself are “into” this type of thing, and are more than capable of taking on this massive task. Regardless of the reason, our CMMC Guided Maturity Level 3 Certification gives you the tools you need to get your organization CMMC compliant, with professional help WHEN NEEDED.

The Guided Maturity Level 3 Certification gives you the documents you need to get started on your CMMC journey, and unlimited access to our Q&A forum that is manned by five CMMC-AB certified Registered Practitioners (RP)!

-System Security Plan (SSP) Editable Template
-Plan of Action and Milestone (POAM) Editable Template
-DFARS NIST Secure Website Self-Assessment Tool
-1-Year Access to Forum – Manned by US Background Verified --CMMC-AB Certified Registered Practitioners (RPs) ($999/Year thereafter)

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