Compliance Armor

HIPAA Introduction Video Training - Initial Payment Yearly


HIPAA Training doesn't have to boring!

Petronella Technology Group's (Compliance Armor's) HIPAA Video Training is designed to help providers and their staff learn more about HIPAA rules and regulations, without stuffy lecturing.

This comprehensive educational package is an ideal compliment to the book "How HIPAA Can Crush Your Medical Practice."

It will show you all of the "jobs to be done" regarding your People, Process and Technology, and exactly what what steps your practice needs to take to reach that elusive goal of HIPAA compliance.

We will teach you the 18 Policies and Procedures required to comply with HIPAA regulations in a fun and entertaining video.

Let us help you take the "boring" out of HIPAA Compliance with Compliance Armor's HIPAA Video Training!

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