Compliance Armor

HIPAA Complete Compliance in 12 Months - Up to 10 Users - Pricing is Per Month

$5,000 $7,500

Petronella Technology Group (Compliance Armor) knows HIPAA. It’s a confusing maze, but we’ve made it to the other side and we now know HIPAA inside and out.

Which is why we can not only offer you a COMPLETE solution to HIPAA compliance, but we can get you there in 12 months with your participation.

Run from anyone who promises IMMEDIATE HIPAA compliance! Because if they tell you they can, then it’s clear they don’t understand the layered, complex nature of HIPAA, and they will lead you to disaster.

To implement HIPAA completely and correctly, you must tackle it layer-by-layer. Once one layer is cleared, a door opens to the next one, allowing you to weave yourself through the maze and come out on the other side alive to tell the tale.

While we do offer à la carte solutions, you would be wise to tackle HIPAA head-on. Or should we say, let us tackle HIPAA for you...

  • Month 1: Regulatory Compliance
  • Month 2: What Does it Take to Comply With HIPAA?
  • Month 3: Jobs to Be Done
  • Month 4: Security Controls
  • Month 5: Important Policies and Procedure Templates
  • Month 6: HIPAA Security Awareness Training
  • Month 7: HIPAA Security Awareness Training (Continued)
  • Month 8: Risk Assessment Overview
  • Month 9: Compliance Services
  • Month 10: Remediation*
  • Month 11: Remediation* (Continued)
  • Month 12: HIPAA Compliant and Peace of Mind

*Pricing is for up to 10 users per month. Client participation is required to become fully compliant, but we have done most of the heavy lifting for you. Consulting/Remediation services are prices separately depending on findings.

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