Blockchain Security

Crash Course on Crypto

Crypto is a rabbit hole indeed. If you had no plans to learn all about an alternative financial system that eliminates the need for trusted middle men such as banks and payment processors, we do understand.However.Sometimes, things just change. During times of major change, it’s wise to pay attention. Crypto has been around since a mysterious 9-page white paper was crafted by an anonymous entity in 2008.Since then, there are crypto billionaires. There are banks buying Bitcoin. There are investment firms investing in Altcoins (all coins except Bitcoin), and there are billionaire CEOs heralding coins with cute dogs on them.If you like total chaos, crypto is for you. But we can help you make order of it all.

As Lao Tzu said, the journey of 10,000 miles begins with a step. It’s a lot to understand, but it’s wise to begin the process. Some people say crypto is the future, and we do agree.Our course will get you into the crypto scene, feeling confident, and ready to act.

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