vr photoApple has pushed back its intended release date to 2022 for its augmented reality (AR) Headset.  A year later, they anticipate a debut for their first pair of AR glasses.  These delays push Apple even further behind its competitors in the world of augmented and virtual realities.  Microsoft is already on its second iteration of its AR headset HoloLens, and Snap recently debuted their AR Snap Spectacles glasses.

According to The Information report “it has AR and VR capabilities, uses external cameras to map the user’s surroundings (including the outlines of people, furniture, and rooms), and has a high-resolution display to show information and blend virtual objects with the real world.” Apple’s AR headset ( N301) will be capable of handling both AR and virtual reality. It is said to resemble a sleeker, thinner version of this year’s Oculus Quest.

After the company launches the headset, it will be creating a smaller pair of glasses designed for longer wear that will look like sunglasses with thick frames.  Rumor has it the lenses will go dark when AR is in use to signal others that the user is in AR.  Apple managers are also projecting that the glasses will supplant the iPhone within the decade.

Both devices will make use of a “new 3D sensor system” which is a more advanced version of the Face ID camera found in iPhones and the iPad Pro today.








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