cryptocurrency photoHTC unveiled its newest blockchain phone on Saturday at the “Lightning Conference” in Berlin.  The smartphone, Exodus 1s, is the first to enable users to run a full bitcoin node, creating transactions and blocks on the go.

“Full nodes are the most important ingredient in the resilience of the Bitcoin network,” said Phil Chen, chief decentralized officer at HTC, “and we have lowered the barrier to entry for any person to run a node.”

According to HTC, the Exodus 1s is loaded with cryptocurrency-related features that will let users exchange, lend and borrow digital assets.  Despite its ability to run on the go, HTC advises users to connect to a WiFi and plug in to power source when running their node. Users are also able to install a 400+GB SD memory card to allow for a full bitcoin ledger of storage space.

The new Exodus 1s will cost users €219 ($244) and will be available in over twenty countries in Europe and the Middle East. There is no current plan for U.S. sales.

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