William Shatner by Herrick~commonswiki

William Shatner by Herrick~commonswiki

Earlier this month, William Shatner the actor, spokesman, and crypto entrepreneur, announced his new partnership with Mattereum, a blockchain Ethereum-based system, to develop an authentication and digital ownership transfer system for collectibles utilizing a “digital twin.”   The digital twin is actually the unique digital record stored on the immutable Ethereum blockchain.  Ownership transfer requires a private key.  An ERC-20 smart contract token will track the digital titles with Ethereum’s decentralized open source software.

“The Mattereum Asset Passport gives you reliable provenance for your collection, backed by the liability of those who certify it – and ultimately their collateral, insurance, and personal assets,” stated Mattereum Chief Legal Officer Chris Wray. “Transparency and enforceability will be essential tools in the fight against fraud and counterfeiting.”

According to Shatner, the proposed authentication system “establishes an irrefutable, internationally recognized proof of authenticity.” In his tweet, Shatner also holds up a one-of-a-kind action figure of Capt. James Kirk with his autograph on it, saying: “The chip, the token, my signature, and a number. One of a kind.” The William Shatner action figure will be the first item to get assigned to the new project.


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