european union photoThe European Commission (EC) has published a set of principles around the ethical application of artificial intelligence (AI). The EC’s Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI report is part of the EU’s AI strategy announced in April 2018. The report lists seven principles concerning human agency and oversight, robustness and safety, Privacy and data governance, Transparency, diversity, non-discrimination and fairness of AI systems, societal and environmental wellbeing, and accountability.

A pilot test involving a large pool of stakeholders is set to begin this summer. Public and private sector organizations can sign up to the European AI Alliance to be notified when the pilot begins. The trial is set to run into early 2020 when the EC will review its guidelines, any feedback received, and proposition any next steps. “The guidelines should be seen as a living document, to be reviewed and updated over time to ensure their continued relevance as the technology, our social environments, and our knowledge evolves,” the EC report said.

IT spending on artificial intelligence is expected to reach 10% by 2025. AI analytics and AIOps consulting opportunities could generate new business for IT service providers as the adoption of AI technologies requires advanced skill levels.

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