In a press release shared recently at the World Web Forum, decentralized Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm SingularityNET announced a partnership with agriculture-focused blockchain startup HARA.  The partnership will focus on utilization of blockchain technology and AI for crop diagnostics, ecosystem analytics, grain price, soil quality, and land ownership.  According to the press release, the main goal is to achieve a global automated diagnosis of crop disease and solutions to address epidemics that destroy fields and crops across the worlds, not to mention the livelihoods of many smallholder farmers in developing countries like Indonesia.

“From its conception, SingularityNET has been committed to broadening access to AI,” states Arif Khan, SingularityNET VP of Marketing and Partnerships. “We want to see a world where AI is open and decentralized — accessed and influenced by all. HARA’s grassroots focus falls right in line with this goal.  In Indonesia, family-owned farms represent the core of the country’s economy, but that’s not reflected in the distribution of wealth. This partnership will help change that and as a native of the ASEAN region, we couldn’t be prouder to see a leading player like HARA tackle this challenge head-on.”

The extensive data collected on the HARA Data Exchange, essential to machine learning and AI systems, will fuel SingularityNET’s development of automated diagnosis tools and other products. “Working together with SingularityNET will add AI solutions to the HARA ecosystem, but above all, our main focus of this partnership is on building communities,” says Imuron Zuhri, CTO of HARA. “Both networks will thrive from the collaboration between us, and with the wider blockchain ecosystem.”


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